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Lukss Pack services

Logistic support 

Lukss Pack will take care of all the steps of purchase, from advice on tailored solutions to the entire approval process, guaranteeing reliability and continuity in product supply. In cooperation with our trusted logistic partners, we will always assure on-time delivery to the client’s address. Our team is here to give 24/7/365 customer care to all our client providing value-driven, future-forward solutions.

Quality control

We choose to work with partners who are using advanced production and extrusion technologies.

Our entire product range is BRC certified in grade "AA", the highest one of the BRCGS scale. The whole range of the materials we distribute are also tested and guaranteed by CSI, the specialized certification body for the food sector. It is responsible for sample analyses, tests, applied researches, validations, and studies of conformity with the legislation in force.

Every product that we sell is always approved by quality control with respect to stated performance, to ensure certification is always up to date.

Our entire product range is not only BRC certified in grade "AA", but also tested and guaranteed by CSI.

Lukss Pack is:

  • ​Certified experience

  • Highest BRCGS certification recognition, rating of "AA"

  • Continuous quality control

  • Dedicated stock and homologation assistance

  • Post-sale assistance and project management

  • Personalized support 24/7

  • Corporate philosophy oriented to protecting the environment

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