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PLA is a natural alternative to traditional plastics. It is a sustainable resource made entirely from corn, cassava and sweet potatoes.


The material is OK Compost certified and meets the European Standard EN 13432 on Bio Compostability and Biodegradability.



Product’s characteristics:

  • Excellent transparency and clarity

  • Excellent printability with any type of ink

  • Excellent breathability 

PLA Heat-Shrinkable

PLA (polylactic acid) is a 100% biodegradable and biocompostable heat-shrinkable bioplastic produced with vegetable derivatives. It is highly retractable, and once decomposed, does not release harmful substances into the atmosphere but allows the raw material to be regenerated.

Product’s characteristics:

  • Excellent gloss for a better graphic effect. Its natural properties provide it high transparency that gives the product a very glossy effect

  • Excellent printability with any type of ink

  • No smile effect

  • Good abrasion resistance

  • Permeability - Its high permeability eliminates moisture trapped between the label and the container


PLA Cast

PLA Cast films offer an entirely compostable solution in compliance with the EN13432 European standard, as an alternative to traditional PET or PP films. The cold-extrusion process provides excellent mechanical and welding properties, thus allowing PLA Cast to be used with the standard forming technologies employed in the packaging industry.

Despite its compostability properties, the PLA Cast maintains a long shelf-life, as it only starts its natural decomposition process under particular industrial composting conditions.

PLA cast.jpg

Available in 20 – 150 microns.

  • PLA Cast sealing

  • PLA Cast white sealing



  • Food packaging

  • Dry or oily products packaging

  • Flower and plant packaging

  • Paper lamination or other bio-films

  • Printing, lamination and thermoforming

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