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Lukss Pack
Every success has a story it is based on 

About us

Lukss Pack is a young fast-growing company which is based on the result of deep knowledges of packaging industry. Our aim is not only, continuously bringing new solutions and structures to the flexible packaging market, but also offering a wide range of commodities. We are here to offer the best of Polyester, Polypropylene, Nylon and Aluminium films for the production of flexible food-grade packaging.


Nevertheless, we are being conscious of the impact of our plastic product range, and we do care about the planet. So, whenever it will be possible you can count on us for finding alternative materials to traditional laminates structures, using resources from renewable ones and of course contribute to a greater recycling capacity of all our materials.


Our company is a family-owned business, focusing on customer needs and innovative solutions. We treat our clients with the closest approach, showing immediate actions, bringing solutions and adapting to every situation needs.  Whenever it is possible, always trying to anticipate and take a full care of their needs, as it if it was ours. For Lukss Pack each client is unique and most valued.

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