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We are offering a line of polyethylene film with greater rigidity with respect to traditional polyethylene.


Thanks to higher rigidity of the material we can offer mono-layer or laminated mono-material structure to maintain its mechanical, barrier and surface characteristics and multi-material lamination, while being fully recyclable.


  • Food (dehydrated, fresh and frozen)

  • BIO

  • Snack

  • Pet food

  • Seeds

All products are available in the following formats and colours:

• Neutral / white
• Film
• Tubolar
• Single-fold



High Density Polyethylene - This material has superior resistance to majority of solvents. It is the most prevalent plastic film in use.


  • Bottles for liquids as juice, milk and water

  • Margarine tubs

  • Cereal box liners, snacks


Low Density Polyethylene - This is ideal solution for packaging applications involving heat sealing.


  • Squeezable food bottles

  • Bags for bread as well frozen food

  • Flexible lids

Looking for a PE solution for your packaging?

We are here for you! Do not hesitate to fill the contact form down and one of our experts will contact you in a short time.


Our team is here to give 24/7/365 customer care to all our client providing value-driven, future-forward solutions.

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