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Lukss Pack offers a wide range of polyester film suitable for flexible packaging for food use. All the materials complies with "food contact" EU regulation.

Commodity line

Commodity line of Biaxially Oriented Polyethylene Terapthalate films for flexible packaging for food use suitable for food contact in accordance with EU regulation.

BOPET commodity.jpg
  • Plain / Plain BOPET

  • Corona / Plain BOPET

  • Chemical copolymer / Plain BOPET

  • Chemical copolymer / Corona BOPET

  • Chemical / Acrylic BOPET

  • Metallized chemical / Corona BOPET

  • Matte / Chemical BOPET

  • Matte acrylic BOPET

  • Opaque white BOPET

Gold and Colored BOPET

Gold and Colored Metallized Polyester is produced with colored resin and therefore has a high gloss, and the contamination of the packaging is very low compared to lacquered films. It is possible to have one side corona treatment. Available wide range of colors.

  • BOPET Metallized Solid Gold / Corona

  • BOPET Metallized Glossy Gold

  • BOPET Metallized Gold

  • BOPET Metallized Matte Gold / Corona

  • BOPET Black

BOPET gold.jpg

Pet Food

Line of Polyester film dedicated to flexible wet and dry PET Food packaging, ensuring greater product quality and durability over time.

PET food.jpg
  • Chemical copolymer / Plain BOPET

  • Chemical acrylic / Plain BOPET – suitable for sterilization and pasteurization

  • Antislip / Chemical copolymer BOPET – available with COF Block

  • Chemical Metallized / Corona BOPET

  • Matte acrylic BOPET – suitable for sterilization, pasteurization and retort

  • BOPET Velvet Touch – available High COF

BOPET Shrink

We offer a wide range of high retraction heat-shrinkable materials with no smile effect!

Designed for outer sleeve wrapping and label applications of metal cans, glass and plastic bottles and containers of various size and shapes.

  • Heat shrinkable BOPET

  • White heat shrinkable BOPET



BOPET Twist features in high gloss and transmittance, good printability and metallization, excellent moisture, and greases resistance, and is applied in twist packaging for candy, snack, crafts. Useful as mono layer over wrap film.

  • Transparent Twist BOPET

  • Metallized Twist BOPET

  • White Twist BOPET

PET Cast

Is the best choice for many packaging solutions due to excellent transformation processes. You can count on it from vacuum to thermoforming, from printing to lamination.

From this film you will obtain a completely recyclable finished product.

Sealable film

  • Excellent welding properties on itself and on other A-PET, R-PET, G-PET films.

  • The great seal strength guarantees the packaged product’s shelf life.

  • Excellent as top layer of trays due to it Antifog effect.

  • Thickness: from 25 to 150 micron.


BOPET PET Cast.jpg


  • Suitable for thermoforming processes and as tray’s bottom layer.

  • In this way the packaging is completely recyclable.

  • Appropriate also for vacuum-packed.


BOPET Barrier

Films with standard, moderate and high barriers for use as required, suitable for a wide variety of applications such as: pet food, bakery products, pastries, confectionery, spices, dried fruit, and cheese.

Transparent PET Barrier

  • Transparent high barrier - Chlorine free

  • Transparent high barrier - for pasteurisation

  • UV Barrier

  • ALOX coated

  • PVDC coated

  • PVDC lacquered – for pasteurisation

  • PVOH coated



Metallized BOPET

  • High barrier metallized on chemical / Corona

  • High barrier metallized on chemical PU / Corona (wet products)

  • High barrier metallized chemical / Corona

Antifog BOPET


Specially used to minimize condensation during hot or cold steam packaging. Suitable for use in microwaves at 200°C.

  • Antifog sealable peelable

BOPET Lidding and Isotropic films

As polyester films offer high barrier values, we recommend choosing it for use as lids for yoghurt and other dairy products. By these you can have a guarantee of a long shelf life.

• Mono-layer - BOPET matte white corona / Plain

• Mono-layer - BOPET matte white corona / Metallized on chemical


BOPET Lidding and Isotropic.jpg

Transparent biaxial polyester film with excellent isotropic characteristics guaranteeing uniform extension in every direction. The film offers excellent high thermal stability and good machinability.


• BOPET Transparent isotropic

• BOPET Isotropic metallized

Peelable Grades

  • Transparent Antifog coated sealable peelable

Is transparent polyester film with excellent cold antifog properties. Offer clarity to end applications. Seal peel on A-PET, C-PET & PVC. c

Majorly used for ready-to-go food and salad packaging. Suitable for use in microwaves at 200°C.


  • Metallized sealable peelable

Is Metallized film with proprietary coatings for direct UV offset printing done on Metallized layer and other side sealable-peelable coated. Suitable for direct printing without corona treatment. Can be produced with 100% PCR content.

Designed for lidding application for frozen and refrigerated food (oily and non-oily).


  • White sealable peelable

The product is one side heat sealable and peels able bi-axially oriented opaque white polyester film.

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