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Commodity line

Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene Films are produced by stretching polypropylene film in both machine direction and transverse direction.

All films are suitable for the application for food packaging according to current regulations.

  • BOPP Pearled

  • BOPP Release

  • BOPP Pigmented white

  • Co-Extruded transparent sealing / Corona sealing BOPP

  • Transparent sealing BOPP

  • Co-Extruded matte sealing / Corona sealing BOPP

  • Co-Extruded non-sealing transparent corona BOPP

  • Non-Slip matte BOPP

  • Co-Extruded low-seal metallized corona BOPP

  • Co-Extruded no-seal metallized corona BOPP

BOPP Films.jpg

BOPP Antifog

Our wide range of Anti Fog & Anti Static Film is co-extruded, both sides heat sealable. One side is printable corona treated and the other side is low sealing and low COF with excellent antifog effect.

BOPP Antifog.jpg

Excellent cold and hot antifogging effect on one side and printability on other side, high heat seal strength, high hot tack strength, low seal initiation temperature.

Film suitable to food contact.


•  Co-Extruded sealing antifog BOPP

BOPP Label

Lukss Pack offers a range of specific polypropylenes for “label” applications suitable for creating labels of various shapes.

  • Co-Extruded mass-dyed white sealing / Sealing corona BOPP

  • Co-Extruded pearlized sealing cavitated BOPP

  • Co-Extruded pearlized sealing cavitated / Low-density sealing corona BOPP


  • Transparent non sealing

  • Transparent coated / Corona

  • Transparent coated

  • Metallized coated / Coated

  • Metallized coated

  • Cavitated coated / Corona

  • Cavitated coated

  • White coated matte corona

  • White coated


Polypropylene products specifically designed for adhesive labels. Excellent white matte background and shiny finish. Excellent humidity resistance.

BOPP High Barrier

Whether you need protection from moisture, oxygen or chemicals, or barrier films that can run fast, we have a solution – BOPP High Barrier material wide range.

Moreover, it is an effective way to replace Aluminium foil and reduce packaging waste, whilst making recycling easier, thanks to the possibility to design mono-material barrier laminates.

We offer films with standard, medium and high barriers:

  • Metallized high barrier / Plain

  • Metallized high barrier / Plain low sealant

  • Metallized ultra-high barrier / Corona

  • ALOX non-sealant coated / Corona

  • ALOX sealant coated / Corona

BOPP High Barrier.png

BOPP Coated

Coated films enhance the barrier properties, runnability and heat sealing of the products. Used in a wide range of applications such as overpacks, digital printing, labels and high-barrier packaging.


Designed for packaging of pastries, fresh pasta, crackers, snacks and crisps, coffee, chocolates, sugar, dairy products, ice cream, Pet food, Home & Personal care.

  • Transparent acrylic / Acrylic

  • Transparent acrylic / Plain

  • Transparent acrylic / PVDC

  • Cavitated acrylic / Acrylic

  • Cavitated PVDC / Corona

  • Transparent PVDC

OPP Cast

PP Cast films lend themselves very well to a wide range of applications. Provide stiffness and sealability to structures making them suitable for replacing PE and PET in laminations, guaranteeing total recyclability of the finished product if coupled with PP.

OPP Cast.jpg

Lukss Pack offers a wide range of PP cast material for all kind of applications:

  • Generic (matte, metallized, white)

  • Antistatic

  • Low Sealing

  • Peelable

  • Antifog

  • Deep Frozen

  • Thermoforming

  • Pet food (Retorting food)

  • Antipuncture

Looking for a BOPP solution for your packaging?

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Our team is here to give 24/7/365 customer care to all our client providing value-driven, future-forward solutions.


BOPP film is used in vast range of applications comprising packaging, labeling and lamination.

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