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Lukss Pack are her for you, in a constant seek for “Greener” materials and structures on the market.

With the variety of  BIO materials listed above, we can give you solutions almost for all your existing structures with:

  • Entirely mono-material products

  • High Barrier equivalent (OTR-WTR-CO2)

  • Materials produced with vegetable derivatives


BOPE is a biaxially oriented polyethylene which represents a solution to achieve a full Polyethylene mono-material structure when different substrates mechanical properties are required. BOPE offers supreme high stiffness, high transparency, low haze and unique tear properties.

Our BOPE film range has different options of sealing layer, plain and metallized films. Suitable for direct contact with food.


  • For packaging of all kinds of industrial and food products

  • Simple or laminated with other films

  • For horizontal and vertical packaging

BOPE frozen.jpg


  • Sealant corona

  • White matt corona

  • PET Cast


  • Heat-resistant non-sealant corona

  • Metallized high barrier low sealant

  • ALOX coated sealant

  • Biodegradable

  • PP Cast transparent low sealant high barrier (EVOH)

  • PP Cast transparent corona sealant


  • Transparent corona sealant

  • White corona sealant

  • Transparent high barrier (EVOH)

Diseño de alimentos

Looking for a BIO solution for your packaging?

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